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В рейтинге лучших детских магазинов Active Baby - Vancouver занимает 121 место. В округе Ванкувер 6 место.
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Little feet love EMU Australia’s double face sheepskin Baby Booties. With sizes for newborns up to 18 months, your baby can grow with EMU.
Footless sleeper made in soft bamboo rayon for the perfect night sleep. Bamboo is very breathable and moisture wicking which makes it the ideal fabric for infant sleepwear. 2-way zipper closure makes...
Footed sleeper made in soft bamboo rayon for the perfect night sleep. Bamboo is very breathable and moisture wicking which makes it the ideal fabric for infant sleepwear. 2-way zipper closure makes...
A wearable blanket allowing baby to sleep safely and comfortably through the night. These sleep bags are designed to give baby plenty of room to kick and move, while fitting securely around the neck...
Your go-to one piece for fall! This Longsleeve Romper features a henley neckline with snaps and a kangaroo front pocket.  Snaps at the inseam allow for quick and easy diaper changes...
Classic long sleeve onesie with snap bottom for easy diaper changes.  The envelope neckline makes dressing little ones quick and easy.  Made from super soft bamboo rayon, this onesie is the...
Longsleeve Romper featuring a henley neckline with snaps and a kangaroo front pocket.  Snaps at the inseam allow for quick and easy diaper changes.  This style is an easy and stylish one...
Longsleeve dress features a button down neck line and a gathered waistline.  This dress pairs perfectly with Bloomers in early fall or tights or leggings as the weather cools. Sizes: 12-18M,...
Longsleeve onesie with a skirted bottom and ruffle detail at shoulders.  Neckline features a snap closure to make dressing easy.  Snaps at bottom make diaper changes quick and easy...
Stay cool and comfortable in this matching PJ set.  Made from bamboo rayon, this fabric is super soft and naturally tempurature regulating making it ideal for bedtime.  Pants feature front...
These Child Blankets are a must-have for your little ones. Made with bamboo rayon fabric, it's nicely quilted on one side, with the perfect thickness for all seasons. Either for tummy time, or use as...
We created the Swaddle Sack for babies who aren’t quite big enough for sleep sacks. These are designed to gently “hug” baby with a snug fit through the torso while leaving room for their legs to...
Purse, backpack and pocket essential, the true mark of a k'pure fan means a Smooch is almost never out of reach.The most luscious and moisturizing lip balm, we're not so humble about this one. It's...
Só Luxury's Coco Oat Milk Bath is natural and free of all nasties (toxins, parabens and carcinogens).  An officially licensed, natural health product that is recognized by Health Canada as...
Diaper Dekor Mini 2Pack Refill Each box contains 2 refills and holds up to 600 newborn diapers. Simply cut the refill with the kid-safe cutter located inside the access door, discard, and tie a new...
Milkin More- Mommy Milk Booster Plus Support breast milk production along with skin, hair and nail health with the power of moringa and collagen. Recommended for breastfeeding moms!
Milkin' More Lactation Lactation Cookies - Cookies 'n' Cream ACTIVE BABY EXCLUSIVE
for Vista (2015 - 2019) / Vista V2   The Vista allows for multiple second seat configurations. The Upper Adapters for your Vista creates more space between your primary and secondary seats...
The holiday season is a time of joy and togetherness, especially for growing families with little ones. As siblings embark on their journey together, fostering a strong bond betwee…
The holiday season is here, and there's something magical about choosing gifts for the tiniest members of our families. If you're wondering what to gift a baby aged 0 to 6 months,…
Welcoming a new baby into the world is a joyous occasion filled with excitement and anticipation. It's a time when family and friends come together to celebrate the precious additi…
We are a small family owned business who strives to make our store a unique one-stop baby shop for all your outdoor, active and eco baby needs.
Our in-store rewards program allows you to earn 3% of your purchase back in loyalty to use on future purchases.
Belan.J is our in-house brand carrying clothing in silky bamboo material and the softest blankets and sleepsacks.
Our mission is to support and nurture our community by providing the right products, sharing our expertise, and offering exceptional services.
We strive to create a welcoming environment that promotes the well-being of families and supports your journey of raising a healthy, happy baby.

«Active Baby - Vancouver» located: Active Baby - Vancouver, 2918 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G8, Canada , Ванкувер. Website детского магазина activebaby.ca . As of 2024-07-23 22:59:09 «Active Baby - Vancouver» takes 121 place in Kids stores Canada. See awards and statuses Canada 2024.

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Phone: +16045652918
Address: Active Baby - Vancouver, 2918 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G8, Canada Ванкувер
Monday: 10 AM–6 PM
Tuesday: 10 AM–6 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM–6 PM
Thursday: 10 AM–6 PM
Friday: 10 AM–6 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–6 PM
Sunday: 11 AM–5 PM


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Smooth experience
The staff at this store were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They had a great selection of high-quality baby products and their prices were fair. I found everything I needed for my little one in no time. The store was clean, organized, and had a pleasant atmosphere. Overall, it was a fantastic shopping experience for me as a parent. Highly recommend!
Полезный отзыв?
This store offers th...
This store offers the actual worst service I have ever countered. Made an order online for pick up in store - was told they are not opening boxes and updating stock because they have an upcoming sale happening so I’ll have to wait a week. Ok… then weeks go by with zero update, no email response, and no call backs after multiple requests. 3 weeks later today just got an automated refund with no explanation on what’s going on. How great.
Полезный отзыв?
Ordered online on bl...
Ordered online on black friday and two weeks passed and my order had not been fulfilled and since I live across the country I tried to reach out multiple times by email and through the contact page on their website to see if my items would make it for Christmas and received no replies. I finally was able to get ahold of someone by phone and explained everything and the customer service agent was completely unphased like this is the norm for the company. I asked her to cancel my order and she did with no hassle thankfully. Still have never heard back by email 4+ weeks later.
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Ordered online, as I...
Ordered online, as I live out of town. Two and a half weeks after ordering, it still hadn't shipped (showed "awaiting fulfillment"), so I began trying to reach them. I've sent four emails and left two voicemails and no one has got back to me (it's been nearly a month since they charged my credit card!). I've managed to speak to a staff person twice, and they only tell they don't know why it hasn't shipped and to call and leave and message for the warehouse. I'm now two days from flying out of province for the holidays and don't have boots for my toddler (which means I have to drive 2.5h into town to try to find some). I've explained the urgency in my messages, and still nothing. Spare yourself the headache and shop somewhere with even a tiny bit of respect for their customers. Appalling customer service.
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Very happy with my p...
Very happy with my purchase. I ordered a stroller and shipping was within timeframe informed. My item arrived in perfect condition. Thank you :)
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I'm so glad to know...
I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one. I placed an order online and waited over 1 months without any update. Worst service I've experienced with an online order. I wouldn't recommend anyone from my network to buy from them. They need to know that in this time and age. There are options available elsewhere. I will go spend my money where it's appreciated and where there's a level of service. For those who had similar experiences I feel you.
Полезный отзыв?
Avoid their online o...
Avoid their online ordering system… it looks like it would take forever to mail sth and if you finally pick it up in store, they would not refund the mailing cost which you paid online… Above review is done 11 months ago. —— If you ordered online, you may go to the local store to see if you could pick up in store. Maybe it is easier and faster to get your items. Plus, the customer service in local stores is very pleasant.
Полезный отзыв?
LOVE this company an...
LOVE this company and their products. Customer service is above and beyond. They will ALWAYS be my first stop for kid related stuff.
Полезный отзыв?
I had one of the gre...
I had one of the greatest experience since I’m in Vancouver with my little family. Not only they expertly answered all my specific questions but they tried hard to find a solution despite the short timing I had. Their kindness an and willingness to help was genuine and I will never forget how much help I’ve had. I’ll gladly comeback and will strongly suggest to anyone to go there if they want a genuine, kind and articulate manager and her colleagues that also tried their best to find solutions to my problems (up until going to the shop to buy a pump so they can inflate the wheels of the stroller to test it). Simply A+
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Really friendly and...
Really friendly and helpful. I like this store and the staff is amazing. I was looking for a car seat travel bag with straps and was already standing in another store who had a horrible selection so I called Active Baby. They had one option in stock but it was in the North Van store. The employee said I would have to check the measurements online and couldn’t tell me if the one in stock would fit my car seat as it was a bag from another manufacture. I figured I would wait to put my little one down for nap before I jump online to investigate further. Well before I could even get home they actually called me back and had went online and found all the measurements for me, they let me know that my seat was actually too big for what they had in stock. To be honest they saved me a trip to North Van. This is what I consider amazing customer service because even though they were not going to get a sale they went out of their way to assist me and I really appreciate that. This pretty much sums up every experience I have had in store with them as well. Great staff and Kudos to Active Baby!
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