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В рейтинге лучших SPA-салонов Namaste Wellness and Day Spa Inc. занимает 840 место. В округе Эдмонтон 10 место.
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Our modern, ancient inspired spa mixes traditional and the latest techniques to ensure you have the best spa experience possible. With many imported items for sale, take the tranquility of Asia home with you.

«Namaste Wellness and Day Spa Inc.» located: Namaste Wellness and Day Spa Inc., 2016 Sherwood Dr #216, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3X3, Canada , Эдмонтон. Website SPA-салона namastespa.ca . As of 2024-07-24 00:03:27 «Namaste Wellness and Day Spa Inc.» takes 840 place in SPA Canada. See awards and statuses Canada 2024.

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Phone: +17804679809
Address: Namaste Wellness and Day Spa Inc., 2016 Sherwood Dr #216, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 3X3, Canada Эдмонтон
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10 AM–9 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM–9 PM
Thursday: 10 AM–9 PM
Friday: 10 AM–8 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–5 PM
Sunday: Closed


Reviews to Namaste Wellness and Day Spa Inc.

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Every time I enter n...
Every time I enter namaste I feel welcomed with the energy of the front desk staff, the aroma surrounding me, and the amazing store of items available! Prenaka has opened opportunities to me that I never even knew were possible. Thank you so much namaste.
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I decided to treat m...
I decided to treat myself for my birthday and what a gift it was! I felt welcome from the moment I walked in the front door. The massage was excellent, she intuitively knew where my body needed work. Prenaka gave me a facial that exceeded my expectations. The products were luxurious. I left feeling relaxed and pampered. I can’t recommend Namaste Spa enough! Don’t hesitate, make the appointment and go, you deserve it!
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I've been to Namaste...
I've been to Namaste a few times and the service is always amazing, the front desk staff is welcoming and accommodating. I went in for a Massage and to take advantage of their Monthly Specials. My masseuse was great, really got into my knots and tightness, the pressure was exactly what I needed. Highly recommend booking in with Kirsten.
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I tried booking an a...
I tried booking an appointment a few months ago on the website and I couldn't find an option to book an appointment, I tried coming in for a walk-in and was told to leave after I said I didn't have an appointment booked as the slots were all booked, I find this very disrespectful as a Columbian immigrant, i worked too hard to come to Canada and live here to just be treated like a piece of trash, 1/5 would not recommend unless you want to get yelled at, will be telling my family and friends not to visit here as the front desk people are very rude and disrespectful. if you would like a tip on how to run you business better, i would recommend offering accommodations towards minorities as myself. ps. just because I'm a Columbian immigrant, that does not mean i am a gangster and my money is drug money, get that fact straight.
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The most serene and...
The most serene and peaceful spa I have ever been so lucky to experience. The atmosphere, level of expertise and care is unmatched! If you haven’t had the pleasure of having a day at this spa.. add it to your list!!! Thank you Namaste endlessly !
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Not Great. My friend...
Not Great. My friend and I went for a facial and pedicure. Facial was just ok; I asked for extractions and said the extra charge was fine but she told me to use a charcoal nose strip instead. The cleanse/moisturize routine couldn't have been too carefully done as I had to wash my face afterwards from the mascara streaked all over. The room was also quite cold so I was happy to be done and get my jacket on. The pedicure room wasn't much warmer so we both asked for tea to keep warm which seemed to be something they don't usually do as it took quite a while and we received some very weak, lukewarm tea. My friends feet were bleeding and sore for a couple days after hers, mine were fine but she wasn't properly using the polish drying spray and was holding it half an inch from my toe which gives the feeling of freezing/burning. All in all, it felt like the staff was inexperienced and was something I would have expected from an esthetic school where you're paying a lot less. Definitely not the luxury we were hoping for. *EDIT. They did reach out to make it right but I have not yet had a chance to take them up on it
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I had an absolutely...
I had an absolutely amazing massage from Jay. He was so professional and let me know everything he was doing and how it was affecting my muscles. It was one of the best massages I have had in a very long time. I left the spa a pool of mush (this is a good thing.) The ambiance in the spa itself is also great. Clean, soothing and lots of little offerings. Thank you so much. Highly recommend.
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Very excited to go a...
Very excited to go and see what this business has to offer…immediately disgusted by front staff. Asked for a list of services…the two front staff advised there is none, the brown girl took over and with a wave of her hand told me scan the QR code at the desk for all the information I’ll need. I said I don’t use QR codes, I’d rather a list. She smirked tried to hand me the business card with the QR code, I said no thanks. Then, unbelievably, she actually shooed me away with her hand and said just check the website. As I left I heard them sniggering at me. Awful front service, these are the people you chose to represent Namaste? How about some customer service? Print it off for me, tell me about what you offer, what are all these products out here? Front desk just basically advised me that they don’t want business and to move along. Inclusivity? What about those that aren’t attached to technology? I’m sure most of your practitioners will agree that detaching from technology is a healthy option. Zero respect for older women of colour. Thankfully front desk saved my bank account. Hilariously, the next day a warning came out in the news about QR codes being used as a scam tool. I find it interesting that other people of colour are mentioning how rude, and seemingly racist your front staff are. Response to owner. No, you didn’t stop what you were doing neither did the other woman. I call myself a brown girl. Brown girls call themselves brown girls. White girls call themselves white girls. Black people call themselves black. It ain’t no thing Generation Triggered; Is this how far we’ve fallen into woke madness? now what about your customer service? STILL! you failed to tell me about your place, show me your products, services, etc. You seem awfully defensive instead of offering apology…again, a reflection of you and your business. *whining* you googled us *wwwaaaa* Also…this idea that because you are brown you can’t be racist against let’s say Indigenous or Chinese people. The ignorance! Please. Talk about 2024! Hahaha
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Incredible services....
Incredible services..I got a chance to book a ayurvedic service which has been on my wish list for years and it was incredible. It was an amazing treatment that balanced all parts of my medicine wheel ❤️ Prenaka the owner is very skilled in what she does. I always recommend this place.
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Myself and my partne...
Myself and my partner both went for a couples massage, she had katey pospisil and I had brooks brown, we have both had a lot of massages this was by far the best one yet. Highly recommend both of them we will definitely be back
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