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Urban Retreat Body & Skincare Centre


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Urban Retreat Body and Skincare Centre was established in 2003 and now provides a wide range of spa services and quality skincare products.
We pride ourselves on providing a high level of expertise in all services and the very best experience for our clients.
25% off ALL CoolSculpting booked and prepaid! CoolSculpting Consultations get entered to win a FREE CoolSculpt Cycle!
We are proud to carry some of the best skin care and cosmetics products available. We have chosen select brands to carry each for a specific reason, mainly to bring you the best product available. Learn more about each below and stop in for a skin care consultation so we can match you with the best product for your skin type.
Receive monthly promotions and tips + 10% off any product or service upon signup. Please note all medi-spa services are excluded from this discount.

«Urban Retreat Body & Skincare Centre» находится по адресу: Urban Retreat Body & Skincare Centre, 6841 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4W4, Canada , Эдмонтон. Адрес сайта SPA-салона myurbanretreat.com . По состоянию на 2024-07-24 00:14:35 «Urban Retreat Body & Skincare Centre» занимает 839 место в SPA-салоны Канады. Посмотреть все награды и статусы Канады 2024.

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Телефон: +17804812414
Адрес: Urban Retreat Body & Skincare Centre, 6841 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4W4, Canada Эдмонтон
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9 AM–9 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM–9 PM
Thursday: 9 AM–9 PM
Friday: 9 AM–9 PM
Saturday: 9 AM–5 PM
Sunday: Closed


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What a treat! I had...
What a treat! I had a lovely facial treatment with Darlene this weekend. Fabulous retreat indeed. I attended to from the moment i walked in and no rush to leave. Definitely will be will be going here again.
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This is an amazing p...
This is an amazing place to go to feel pampered. I’ve only had a pedicure here but the room was clean and comfortable, my esthetician was lovely, gentle and gave a damn good pedi. There was a mix up with my booking, she thought it was for a manicure but quickly rearranged things to accommodate my pedicure. Will definitely go back.
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I absolutely LOVED m...
I absolutely LOVED my first visit to Urban Retreat! Right when I walked in the lady working at the front desk greeted me enthusiastically. She was professional and friendly. The building was very clean and organized, which provided a relaxing atmosphere right from the start. The lady that did my facial was very kind and she took the time to explain lots of the skincare and the process to me while still allowing time for silence and relaxation. Overall I would say that this was the best facial I have ever had! I would recommend this place to anyone who asked and I will definitely be returning here in the future.
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I had a gift card fo...
I had a gift card for a pamper package. The women who did my services were wonderful and I really enjoyed my massage and facial. The light lunch was not worth mentioning. It was a sad boxed salad. I should have brought my own snack. They offered tea, coffee or wine with lunch. I took a wine. When I went to check out I was told there was a balance remaining. Their prices had increased since the gift card was purchased so I was charged the balance with the updated price. As someone with two close friends who own and manage medi spas I know this is something they would never do. It’s just the principle of it. The card, as bought, should be honoured. Especially since I gave them the card number and info when booking months prior and nothing was mentioned about the price increase. Possibly nothing was mentioned when I booked because they only just increased the price. But in that case if the price increase was after my booking then they should most definitely have honoured it. The other tiny thing that irked me was that they charged me for wine lol. Again, it’s a little thing but it shouldn’t be presented as complimentary if it isn’t. Again, the women and services were fantastic! I just don’t agree with how the check out was handled. It does not reflect how I would expect a business of this level to manage something like this.
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Excellent pedicures....
Excellent pedicures. I find Urban Retreat friendly, clean, and very much enjoy the service. The spa hours are convenient and their appointment booking system works well without intruding. Great place whether I’m looking for a quiet, private service or a fun group date with pedicures and wine!
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My first body wrap e...
My first body wrap experience with Kara started with a relaxing steam. I was scrubbed and lotioned and massaged for ninety minutes from head to toe. I’m sure Heaven is a lot like this. Incredible service- I enjoyed everything second. $215 almost feels too inexpensive for the quality of care you’re getting. Would absolutely recommend. Thank you for taking Kara me.
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If you want the best...
If you want the best pampering, this is your place! Beyond excellent service by pleasant, competent, professional staff. My sister was so impressed. Anita and Darlene made this a wonderful relaxing experience. We will be back.
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I recently had a man...
I recently had a manicure with Brooklyn and she was exceptional. I don’t get manicures too often but this was by far the best one I’ve had. And she was also really nice to chat with. I’d highly recommend booking with her!
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Extremely polite, t...
Extremely polite, the environment is very welcoming. The service is great and they have a lot of great products. I would highly recommend this establishment.
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Fantastic place for...
Fantastic place for spa and massage appointments. Only negative thing I can say about this place is the receptionist is extremely rude and short. Stopped coming here because of her.
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